By: Annna [2002-04-05]

Here Are Some Pictures (Of My Car)

for ease of stalking


This fellow needs no introduction. Here he is, on the hood and lookin' sharp.

This is not my first giant hand-drawn Petey, but it is my first in color. I figured his beanie would be blue and yellow, like the famed Pel-Freez box. I mixed his skin color myself, out of Krylon Short Cuts brand taupe, fluorescent orange and brick red. Yellow too, I think.

picture 1
picture 2
picture 3
picture 4
picture 5
picture 6
picture 7

Art Cars [2002-04-05 04:51:27] Jacques Kitsch
You might not consider this to be an art car, but it's getting there. One of my favorite cars in Berkeley was a station wagon with a nautical theme; it had a life ring from a ship on the front and ocean waves painted down the side. My mom's sister had an old VW with an oval rear window, I think that one can get an oval rear window for replacing the square one if you have an urge to do some welding. I was thinking about the cartoon situation, and I, for one, would enjoy a Mexican-style foto novella, photos with cartoon balloons. Post some more uke songs, Annna. These Art Cars are a hoot, be sure to check out the Baby Car, it's sort of skeery!
W.A.S.T.E. horn [2002-04-05 05:52:18] alptraum
you aren't supposed to talk about that!

the first postage stamps, carriages etc., from the count of Thurn and Taxis, as mentioned in the crying of lot 59, are in a museum at their palace about an hour away from here, in Regensburg.

i got very excited about all this when i moved here last year. There is thurn and taxis beer, even a taxis beergarden a few blocks from my apt. the current family is always in the papers. for example last year Gloria von Thurn und Taxis made a regrettable comment on a talk show about how AIDS is so widespread in africa simply because "die Schwarzen schnackseln gern", which is something like "the blacks enjoy humping".
d'oh [2002-04-05 06:01:25] alptraum
and my point was, the post symbol was that horn from the book (unmuted of course), and its descendant is still in use today. is there any way to edit these comments after you make them? i always screw up
very nice!! [2002-04-05 06:17:46] Lou Duchez
I'm going to guess that it's rarely hard to locate your car in a parking lot.

Also, we finally know what you look like! Cool, for many moons now there's been this "broken image link" in my mind where you are concerned.

Side note because I'm geekish: my old car license plate was "KYY402", relatively close to your plate number. I had to memorize that because my car is a boring ol' Tercel, like so many others in the parking lot. (Had to get new plates recently, and I have trouble recalling the new number. I can always remember that there's a "4Q" in it, because that sounds like a bad word. Then I have to reconstruct from there.)
Annna... [2002-04-05 06:21:32] staniel
It's more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I'm still sad that my pickelhaube Beetle* idea will never happen since people don't know the difference between the two world wars, though.

* Matte black paint, metal spike on top, and Maltese Cross side mirrors.
helmet car [2002-04-05 06:56:47] alptraum
i had a matchbox car that was in the shape of one of those spiked helmets, so i'm guessing somebody somewhere made one.

and i don't care which world war they're from, the person who made that website of his dog wearing prussian helmets needs to be stopped. even hitler never did anything that depraved.
In other news... [2002-04-05 07:01:55] staniel
Who else thinks I'm dying? Fever, chills, and aches (head and back) from Saturday night til last night, and raised, slightly itchy red bumps of varying size, unevenly distributed, on my legs and the undersides of my arms this morning.
[2002-04-05 07:12:32] alptraum
have you been in bed a lot since saturday? that might explain the bumps. get someone to periodically turn you so you don't get one of (WARNING: do not click on the link, it's possibly vomit-inducing. don't say i didn't warn you.) these.
I'm not clicking on that... [2002-04-05 07:22:04] staniel
and I haven't been in bed any more than usual. Nor have I eaten anything out of the ordinary that might have given me the rash.
poor Staniel [2002-04-05 08:22:57] Lou Duchez
I think you're pining for New Jersey.

I have yet to encounter a disease that can't be beaten through breathing exercises and mental attitude. Not the "I am invincible!!!!" posture, but letting go of hostility, fear, and negativity. Let 'em go even if you have a right to them, because they're causing you harm.

I swear to God it actually works that way.
Chtulu [2002-04-05 12:53:07] Cormarrr
I like Chtulu but sadly I am not running a game this weekend.
CD Cover [2002-04-05 14:50:17] Jacques Kitsch
I'm waiting for Annna to come out with a CD, something like "Annna & Her Firebreathing Ukulele"
Staniel [2002-04-05 15:00:08] Jacques Kitsch
Staniel, go to a doctor. Tell him you need vast quantities of morphine to relieve what ails you.
THE FEZ [2002-04-05 15:15:27] Jacques Kitsch
My license plates say "THE FEZ"
Help me [2002-04-05 21:18:27] Wolfie
Its 5.58 in the morning here and I cant sleep. I am just sitting at my computer struggling to find somthing to do just so I can avoid going back to bed and gazing at my ceiling. I fear I may have lost my mind.
THE FEZ [2002-04-05 22:03:01] Lynch
As in the Dead Milkmen interpretation of the Butthole Surfers style?
Unrelated topic but I feel the need to keep you guys updated [2002-04-05 23:36:00] Danielle
University of Windsor is happy to accept me to their English and Creative Writing program! Hoorah! My very first unversity acceptance letter.
Love always,
Dead Buttholes [2002-04-06 00:22:12] Jacques Kitsch
Yeah, the Surfin' Milkmen.
Creative Writing [2002-04-06 00:28:39] Jacques Kitsch
Learn to speak in tongues and write in the italic hand. Wear wide ties and wire rim glasses. Develope a lateral lisp. Drink sherry with Earl Grey tea and wear tweeds.
VW Floor Pan [2002-04-06 02:59:25] Jacques Kitsch
I checked J. C. Whitney for VW floor pans, and although they have some nice steel replacements, they are $89, so alternate plan "B" would be to use your trusty pneumatic chisel with the crowsfoot point and cut a suitable piece of car roof off a junker at the local yard. You can spot tack the piece onto the healthy steel of the car floor. WARNING! Do not blow up the gas tank! Perhaps it might be better to drill and rivet the steel panel. J. C. Whitney also has replacement running boards, and I'd thought that putting several running boards on the floor might give a ribbed effect for your driving satisfaction.
High-fives to Danielle! [2002-04-06 05:39:56] Lou Duchez
Congratulations on getting accepted! I always meant to learn English, but I could never get used to how they spell "jail". So I speak American and I hope that's good enough.
Gaol? [2002-04-06 07:23:36] Jacques Kitsch
I could never get used to how they say Ah-doo-wa, Ontario
Wow. [2002-04-06 20:23:59] Strega
That is a very nice car you've got there. Personally, I've always liked having visible decorations inside the car - like the old-school Christmas lights dangling about.
Still, the rainbowed-up VW has a certain class to it. Very cool car.

Chrome Skull! [2002-04-07 10:30:47] Jacques Kitsch
Chrome Skull gearshift knob with Red Eyes! Also, matching door lock skulls.
Umm...Wolfie? [2002-04-07 11:55:57] Jacques Kitsch
Still there?
OMG! [2002-04-07 14:19:42] Jacques Kitsch
Staniel's state of being [2002-04-07 23:15:35] mom
Hey, Staniel, are you still alive?
Nice! [2002-04-09 01:30:32] Nandanee Zeall
You really have the dream car!
And Staniel get well soon ; )
ART MOSAIC KUNST [2002-06-24 08:57:31] JERRY CARTER
hey [2008-04-16 00:25:18] jenny
i love hobos
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