By: Ruth [2002-11-06]

My Judging Self

And What Alternative Girls Should Do To Avoid Further Hate

This time, original writing by Ruth. [Editor's Note: There's been something of a row in the comments for this article, which was written by the person currently credited, but edited and submitted by Ruth.]

Usually when I see alternative people on the street, in shops or at clubs I know who they are just by looking at them. There are things psychology can and cannot tell. I think I have this art down to a fine one.

The Poor Of Wealth.

People who wear baggy jeans and unofficial band merchandise usually fall into this category in my mind. It's something about unwashed denim that, frankly, looks scruffy. People who dress in this fashion are usually fans of Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot or Nirvana. Though, truly, anyone can fall victim of this fate.

It's sad to think that I dismiss people because of their lack of material possessions, but wearing the same clothes every day makes you stink, no matter how many times you wash or how much deodorant you apply. As a friend of a friend of mine called Gem once said "I wash every day, I can't help it if I still smell." If you buy more clothes, then you can wash your other clothes while you wear them, thus avoiding smelliness.

If I were like them, I would consider no further purchasing in the fake merchandise department, as it is overpriced and is probably not produced to a very high standard. If I dressed in this way, whether rich or not, I would want to change my clothing range. If you want to fit in, corduroy trousers, although common among snobs, are going cheap in high street shops. If you want to dress in a way that doesn't say "poor person" or "wannabe alternate," I suggest you invest. Don't be afraid of chain shops; they provide quality goods at lower, often bargain, prices. And don't think snobby alternatives will judge you, they can't help looking like that, they were concieved during a crowd surf at Woodstock, don't you know.

The Rich But Misguided.

These usually wear everything they see other alternative people wearing. They never think what goes and what doesn't, they have no time for that. They're too busy putting on their black makeup, rainbow beads and light blue baggy jeans. When they've done that their top will be black, lacy, too big for their skinny torso and show off their prepubescent cleavage, which is, usually, nonexistant. These will probably like an odd mixture of bands, and as much as I hate to say it, their variety of taste isn't because they like all music, it's because they like everything they hear that has guitars and drums in it.

They'll have a lot of pent up anger about pop music and will say anything to differentiate themselves from "teenyboppers" yet every band they like is, or has, been in the top ten at least once. Their musical tastes are usually aligned with bands like Blink 182, Eminem, Wheatus, Sum41, The Lostprophets, Muse, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.

If I woke up one day and realised this was me I'd take the precaution to read some fashion magazines, just so I got a feel for what clothing suited my body type. People who dress this way are usually terribly overweight or worryingly underweight, so either loosely fitting or normal-fitting clothing would be great, because it will either hide their nonexistant curves or hide their ripples. I personally suggest skater trainers or sneakers, baggy trousers that don't cover the shoes, in dark colours, and plain cap-sleeved t-shirts, with a zip up jacket and beads that go with the outfits' colourings.

The Wear Anything.

Alternative people who wear anything usually enjoy role play. For intance, they will occasionally decide to wear a fairy outfit to see a band, or a witch outfit when it isn't Halloween. These people, in my experience, are usually really kind people, but act like they're 10 when they're a lot older. I would probably hold the opinion, upon meeting someone of this genre, that they were deprived as children or never had the chance to grow up. They are usually the oldest child or the only child in a family, and they like buying clothes from charity shops, making their own clothes and stealing their parents' old clothes.

They can like a wide variety of music, anything from indie to death metal. Their parents are usually hippies, and the parents are usually divorced and living apart or thinking about doing so. Their usually overly-manly father will have made them be tomboyish as a girl, and so they want to make up for their lack of pink fluffyness as a kid.

I would like to add that they are usually boy obsessed, because their mother bore them before she herself was fully an adult and so had no life experience and reared them to adore rejection and badly need complimenting to have any self esteem.

If I became one of these (which is near impossible with my childhood and relatives) then I would try to tone down my outfits. I'd only dress up when the occassion arose and I'd take up either a religion or an interest (other than boys and clothes) just to broaden my horizons and stop me being a tiresome bore.

The "Goth" girl.

There are two types of goth girls. The first is understandable. They aren't particularly morbid, or at least don't try to be. They will usually only wear dark colours, as they realise bright colours teamed with black look cheap and usually stupid to boot. They'll probably have black hair, although some don't dye their hair from their natural colour, and some dye it dark red. I say they're understandable, but they'll usually prove that part wrong by accidentally showing you their self harm, or turning out to be anorexic. They're usually well-to-do, and don't have any reason to be who they are apart from a strong will to rebel, or an interest in horror films. They are usually snobbish and only hang around with those they meet who are older than they are. The music they like is usually old Alice Cooper, Type O Negative, early Black Sabbath and Bauhaus. They'll also like foreign music and have at least one tattoo and three piercings.

If I was this I'd get just a little sun occassionally, so as to stop myself looking dead, because we all know that pale complection is a result of never leaving home before darkness fell for the past three years.

The latter of the two types of goth will be seen wearing bright red/bright blue/bright purple/dark green/every colour of the rainbow and black, all the time, with the occassional spiked neck collar, rainbow beads and lacy gloves. They'll wear black makeup the whole way around their eyes and will usually lighten their skin with face paint.

Their musical interests are probably Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. They will cut themselves, but the cuts will only penetrate the first few layers of skin, and they'll parade and brag about each cut, explaining that they don't cut themselves for attention and they want to die because nobody understands their recent interest in Satanism/wicca. They'll usually wear a pentacle or an inverted cross around their neck and have their labrette or eyebrow pierced.

If I woke up and was this I most likely would kill myself, because the world needs less idiots.
ukulele fans [2002-11-06 14:18:02] staniel
Annna has the mp3s. Our technical problems have been dealt with, I think, so you can expect them soon.
My Dog Has Fleas [2002-11-06 15:34:43]
I figure that "My poor dog nearly itched to death from the heartbreak of psoriasis" is suitable for tuning a 12-string guitar. I had a brand new Martin D12-20 that I got for the price of the hardshell case!
if i woke up one day [2002-11-06 15:40:10] frymaster
if i woke up one day and found myself like this i would make a concerted effort to care less about fashion and put more emphasis on juding people by the type of car they drive.
Role-Playing and Dressups [2002-11-06 15:46:05]
There was a big art opening on Halloween, with a party and costumes. I generally dress for openings either as a doorman/military general or as some sort of an idiot savant dilettante. I very much liked doing theatre and stage work as I had access to the costume loft. My friend is having a second opening at the Art-o-Matic and I think that I'll dress as Osama bin Laden, which will entail wearing a turban and an Army camo jacket.
oh no! [2002-11-06 19:33:26] aspcp
I'm a goth girl!
[2002-11-06 22:05:55] Seiva
Fewer. The world needs 'fewer' idiots. Perfect mistake to make.
Also: labret piercings.

Correcting people makes me feel like a man.
Yo, y'all! [2002-11-06 22:17:47]
One category of poseur apparently overlooked.
Holy Jesus Christ [2002-11-07 01:26:22] Lord 742
I just read the original 'Townies'-article again, and I just wanna know - where did all the twelve year olds come from? Is there a horde of these people lurking in the background even as I write, or was it a onetime occasion?

Also, I thought categorizing people like this was something most people grew out of, at the latest, in ninth grade or so. What keeps it going?
Townies [2002-11-07 01:51:35] Oona Ciderpanties
Townies was why the Nardzies bombed Loondon,
Trowzers [2002-11-07 03:54:20] J. Trevor Smythe
There are generally two kinds of people; those who wear bowling team shirts and plaid trowzers, or some other kind. More than that would be redundant.
I'm not sure... [2002-11-07 07:18:23] staniel
that Ruth's so much a maniac for categorization as she is trying to take the piss out of all the moshers who turned "her" previous article into a message board. Just my guess; she can speak for herself.
Laudable [2002-11-07 07:33:10]
Sort of laudable that she got that much response, Rootgirl Slim found somebody's hot button.
[2002-11-08 02:30:59] nameless
I'm glad the whole "I Hate Townies" article got the proper recognition it needed (deserved). I can image how upset I would be if someone posted my shit on the internet then said they did it.

Thats what I like about life, its essentially just a series of pathetic trifles in an entropic sea of inanity.

Your job now is to work out how many of the words I used actually exist.
[2002-11-10 12:34:50] Sasami
I am, I do believe, a "wear anything", except I generally make an effort to not look as if I am wearing a costume.
[2002-11-20 11:19:23] karen
if i woke up and realized my life was so boring i sat around writing articles about stranger's clothes, i would kill myself.
deary me [2002-12-29 13:53:57]
well, heaven knows what we have here, a judgemental arse hole who doesnt know the difference between fewer and less. I mean, if your going to slag 99% of the population off, then at least get the grammar/spelling etc correct.
Your 'writing' if it can be called anything but crap, does tend to make me wonder what catagory you come under, well, theres 'Judgemental Asshole', as aforementioned, and, just in case you are more illiterate than it comes across, aforementioned means something i said before, or you could possibly be in the 'Everyone's Wrong, I'm Right, I'll Turn Into A Mass Murdering Fuck Head(such as Hitler) One Day And Will Kill Everyone Who Does Not Look Like Me'. or you could just come under the title of 'Boring'.
wha do you like? [2003-01-12 07:05:00] tasha
You seem to have a lot of pent uo agression, why is this?
up your self [2003-01-12 07:12:00]
you are sooooooooo full of yourself it's unbelievable, do you like anyone? (I'm guessing no-one likes you).
You are so judgemental and up your own arse its unbelievable. I think deep down your a very insecure person and you slag people of to make yourself fell better.
Get over it!
ruth is a twat [2003-02-18 15:32:00] the defiant one
u dappy cow! just because u listen to Ozzy or any type of rock music doesn't mean u r a goth or cut ur fucking wrists open. Iv read what u said and i have come to the swift conclusion that all u r is a very small minded person, who must hate everyone who is different to urself.
[2003-03-29 23:31:00] s
u wanker. go grow some friends. who gives you the right to critisise people.
townies must die [2003-06-20 01:59:00] nat and lauren
all townies suck they hang around in gay places and smoke pot, what's that...? A really sad existence. People like "legs" and "face" they really suck what is up with naming yourself after body parts it is really dumb i hate you all and we may be "fucking gothics" but at least we're not fucking townies.
P.S BREWER IS FIT!!!!! (from nat)
well.................just guess dipshit [2003-06-21 11:08:00] Sarah
grow up you fucking old are you by the way? please dont have kids and pass on this madness dear,please..........
Townie vermin! [2003-06-27 18:41:00] Paul
My sister showed me this and even though I'm probably quite a bit older than you and should know better, it still makes me want to laugh and curse in equal measure. You are the reason why there is now a concerted effort (in the North of England especially)by 'alternatives', 'metallers' etc to put the 'boot on the other foot' as it were and begin to go around looking for townies / scallies to kick fuck out of. Townies have had their way for too long. There is now a price to pay, vermin, you've had your day.
Rise up Alternatives,Metallers, the Sound of Mind, the Readers of Books, the Actual True Music Fans and Purveyors of the Truth and kick, punch, bite, stamp on, bloody and belt any townie/scally who thinks being clean is dousing themselves in Joop as a substitute for soap, any male with hair shorter than an inch (shaved head=gay head), any fucker who wears Reebok Classics, wearers of Ben Sherman shirts which resemble a packet of fruit pastilles and scum who drink overpriced bottled lager. THE TIME IS NOW! TESTIFY!!!
A pause for thought. [2003-07-14 13:37:00] a little girl
I do not mean to cause offense by this, merely a pause for thought.
I agree with a few points, due to a few attention seeking teenagers that exist, however we all go through this stage. I feel slightly that you cannot generalise, and that there are people out therewho self harm, because they genuinely are unhappy with themselves or life.
Also there are people out there who have band tshirts, we do change and wash....! may you be shocked to hear it.
musics great whatever you listen to, but people should learn not to stereotype anyone by what they like or disl;ike or how they dress
ruth......omg!! [2003-09-12 10:21:00] india
ruth, you have got to be the biggest bitch i have ever heard of!!!! how can anyone be so shallow? you have put people into groups and planned out their lifes when really, all of what you have said is a load of crap!! I'm a GRUNGIE and I wash my clothes after i have worn them for usually a day, I don't smell etc. plus goths don't all cut themselves or listen to slipknot, most goths think slipknot are wannabes. so if you're going to judge people, at least get your facts straight. ps any type of person can cut themselves
Hey, Ruth... [2003-09-29 07:49:00] notdave
...never mind.
: ) Be happy [2003-10-06 02:42:00] Indian
I can't believe these are the comments posted by the Citizens of the Modern, First-World Countries.
You need to take a good look at how the tone in the comments section gets slightly more aggressive, as you scroll down.
Kinda' like the hysterical shouts of a mob gathering in number and strength.
Don't get carried away like this.
Eveybody gets what is owed to them and is relieved of what they need to shed.
Follow your heart and let your mind take you to what is to be done at every single moment.
Random patterns emerge, and the Inner is able to reach to the Outer making our Collective Karma complete.
Think for yourself and the repercussions of what you do.
your article [2003-10-20 04:12:00] surge
what are you on?
you say that you have grown up, but yet u still base people on appearence. Just because some people acttually like that doesnt mean that everyone else that dress's is like that you should of know that.
notice that you dont think you are any of them i wonder why.
i think you need to get your facts right before you start juding people is not very mature.
basically no one is the same so GROW THE FUCK UP
[2003-10-29 01:37:00] teresa
i actually thought that this article was quite clever. yes, it is stereotyping people but, these sorts of people allow themselves to be stereotyped by becoming part of a crowd of people who dress the same and act the same and talk the same pretencious bullshit about how wacky and cool they are compared to everyone else. and i also liked the psychological observations made by the writer, they made sense to me.
Townies- how gay they r [2004-03-16 04:35:00] Nick
townies could be the gayest people on the planet. they r even worse than asylum seekers. all they do is wake up have a typical brakfast of 6 bags of crisps and a 2litre bottle of coke. during the day they just go 2 skool 2 get drugs and swear at the teachers saying "i dont give a fuckin fuck about my fuckin education" then they gon off and shout at a shop owner when they cant get served 4 alcohol. they then procede 2 destroy the nearest public obect they can find, usually a phone box or sign post, if all else fails they pee in a letter box. after that they tend 2 hang around the park bench or bus shelter shouting abuse at passers bye. when they get bored of that they go home, shout at their heroin addicts(parent, usually mum/dad in prision)then take parents drugs after they have passed out on the floor. they cum out of their "cribs/shitholes" when it becums dark, and try 2 find sum1 old and frail and mug them 4 their lose change. they then meet up with their "posse/kru" and attempt 2 "mc/shout quickly down a microphone" and take their stolen drugs. then then pass out sumwher(usually a gutter or ditch), wake up the next day and the cycle is repeated. wot fun these people have. thank GOD i dont live in crawley, pulborough, horsham, newcastle, manchester
hey bitch [2004-03-24 01:54:00]
I don't know why so many people are saying shit about you. Really, they should save their energy, YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT.
What??? [2005-11-22 13:16:05] Nick
You understand nothing!! preachy muso person.. you should probably read your blog back and judge yourself.. Not a pretty picture..
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:41] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:43] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:43] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:44] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:44] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:45] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
moshers [2006-04-13 11:52:46] Jasmine
i think moshers r grate!!!!!!!!!i want 2 be 1 but do they wear black things????
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